Online Marketing 101

We’ll be using this space to create a blog discussing the ins-and-outs of online marketing.  It’s a broad subject that includes a multitude of things, but can most aptly be condensed to include content, structure and off-page optimization.  Approximately 80% of everything we do is off site.  If we’re trying to promote something on or, we might spend 20% of our time working on the page we’re promoting.  The remaining 80% is typically used to create back links and market content.

One of our favorite methods of creating back links is through the use of WordPress.  Compatible with a variety of devices and very user-friendly, WordPress is a great tool that has been made extremely simple over the years.  Pretty much anything you need to market online, can be found as a plugin for WP.

This site is new and this is our first post.  We won’t be promoting this website until we finish placing info on our network;  in other words, this will be the last place we add new info.  Please comment or email with questions or topics and we’ll try and begin fielding these questions and creating a place to find info on everything related to web development and optimization.

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