Real Estate

In a nutshell, most of our real estate efforts center around increasing traffic.  One of the best methods of accomplishing this, but also the most difficult, is through improving a website’s organic rank in the SERP’s or Search Engine’s Results Pages.  This sounds straight forward, and it is, but herein lies the difficulty.  No one can improve or pay to improve their website’s organic rank.  Organic rank is earned, valuable and protected.  A top organic result, easily receives 2/3 of all Google search traffic.  But again, it can’t be bought, it’s earned.  A website’s rank is determined automatically using an algorithm that Google tweaks continuously to improve the relevancy of their results and the overall helpfulness.

Below is a rich snippet automatically created by Google for the search phrase: Gulf Shores condos for sale

Rich snippet generated for the search phrase "gulf shores condos for sale"

This is basically Google’s way of suggesting a website for users looking for Gulf Shores condos for sale.  This is as good as you can hope for as a webmaster or real estate marketing professional.  Gulf Shores condos for sale is the most searched phrase using Gulf Shores, Condos & Sales as parameters.  When Google suggests your website, organically, you’ve provided valuable content for that search; at least in Google’s eyes.

In a separate article, we’ve discussed the difference in traffic associated with organic rank.  The top search result for a query, basically receives 2/3 of all traffic for that search.  The 2nd and 3rd result receive just under 1/3 of traffic and the remaining results get the crumbs.  Obviously, this is an approximate example and other search engines weren’t included.  But since Google handles roughly 70% of all online searches, they were used for examples.  Check back for analysis using other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing.